Do you experience an overwhelming sadness when thinking about climate change?
Do you feel that sorting your trash isn’t quite doing the job?
Do you havee the feeling that there is a great fight to be fought,
but you do not know where and when and how?


Pack your bag. Bring a sleeping mat ande a sleeping bag, an overheas plastic
sheet, 75 euros in cash, 4 pairs of underwear, sturdy shoes, a raincoat,
an umbrella, sunscreen, a musical instrument if you can play it, two small
water bottles, a first aid kid, a dust mask, a flashlight, your toiletries.

Meet us at Bio Rio in Stockholm at 16:00 on the 11th of May

Wir sind eine Gruppe, die nach Ende Gelände will, die Besetzung von Vattenfalls Gruben in Deutschland. Folge uns auf

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